Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to support our cadets through volunteering

Please note that this information is fluid and that dates/times can be added, subtracted, or changed.  Check back frequently for the latest information. If you would like to help out, please sign up on the linked sheets.  If the event does not have a specific date listed, but you are interested, please contact the Booster Club Volunteer Coordinator.

Ongoing events

Popcorn Sales:  Our cadets sell popcorn every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:50 to 4:40 to help support their programs and they need an adult to handle money.  You meet the cadets in the main entrance hall near the trophy case and can park in the teacher's lot or visitor spots near the main office.

Cyber Patriot:   Drinks and pizza sponsored by Booster Club. Need a parent volunteer to make sure food and drinks get to the cadets. Cyber Patriot begins Sept 29 with practice 17:00-23:00, another practice round is Oct 6 17:00-23:00. Round 1 is Nov 5 12:00-18:00. Round 2 is Dec. 8 17:00-2300. State Round is Jan 19 17:00-23:00.  SemiFinals are Feb. 9 from 17:00-23:00

One-Time Events Needing Help

Oct 7: Fall Festival in Harpers Park. 1600-1900. The Booster club would need volunteers to bring treats and sell them.  If they are prepackaged, no food license needed.  Need to bring tables, coolers, items to sell.

Oct ???: Anderson Mill Elementary Fall Festival.  We would need parent volunteers if this event occurs.

Oct 21: Stony Point Tiger Challenge Competition.  0730-1400.  Need 2-3 Volunteers to bring drinks, breakfast bars, lunch.

Oct 29:  MS Walk at old settlers Park – Dell Diamond.  Need 3 volunteers to help set up/teardown.

End of October: Senior Polo Picture for Booster Club Ad.  Need 1 parent to take a photo with a good camera.

Nov 2-4:  2 Female Chaperones for the Fall Trip 0700 departure 11/2 to 1800 return Nov 4

Nov. 9:  Veterans Day Door Decorating Announcement.  Booster club needed to present gifts.

Nov. 13: Tap In Ceremony and Corps Pot Luck 18:00-20:00.  Booster club sends out letter listing who brings what to pot luck. 

Dec 2: Booster Club Holiday in the Park.   1200 to 1500  @ Harper Park. This event is a BIG fundraiser for the booster club and we need a lot of volunteers!!!  We will need at least 10 parents and 20 cadets.  Booster club supplies food, drinks, coolers, tables, candy bars, electrical cords, games from booster club, prizes from booster club, bouncy house rented by Anderson Mill for us to use, flyer needs to be made and approved.

Jan 12: Change of Command 1900-2000.  All cadets attend.  Parents bring desserts.  Booster club sets out the dessert buffet and sends out letter to parents beforehand.

Jan 17: Parent Night at WW.  Need JROTC parents to come talk to prospective new cadet parents.

Jan 27:  Drill Meet possibly in Waco.  If event happens, booster club would need volunteers to go with and provide drinks and food.

Feb. 5: 8th Grade parent night18:30-20:00.  Booster club sponsors booth, and with current cadets, talks to perspective new students about the program.

Feb. 20: Annual Recruiting Day for 8th Grade. 1100-1600.  Booster club serves lunch

Feb. 24: Military Ball at RRHS.  1800-2300. Booster club needs parents to help set up and help with sign in and chaperone dance. 

March 24: Bataan Memorial March, hosted jointly with McNeil.  Booster club parents needed to chaperone and order lunch.

April 7: McNeil Competition at McNeil HS 730-1300.  Booster club needs to provide volunteers with coolers for drinks and lunch to feed our own (can order food from McNeil Booster club, if needed)

April 14: Interflight Competition and Parade 900-1400 at WWHS.  All cadets, and parents, attend.  Booster club needs volunteers to help sell food.  Bring food, grill, canopy to put over food.  Sell raffle tickets if there is a raffle this year. 

May 1-5:  Spring Trip.  Needs at least 2 female chaperones.

May 12: Awards Banquet 16:30-21:30 WW Cafeteria.  Booster club provides money for trophies, orders food and does raffle/silent auction for fundraising.  Food money provided by JROTC program

May 26: Reunion Ranch.  Booster club has been asked to cover financial costs for officers because all officers have to go and help out.