The Texas 861st offers Cadets the chance to participate in several clubs and teams afterschool.  They include:

Rocketry:  The model rocketry program provides an opportunity for cadets to learn the basic principles of aerospace rocketry.  Cadets will have the opportunity to design, build, and launch model rockets. 

Rocketry team officers:   Team Commander--C/2LT Ronin Karat Team NCO--C/SSgt Jeffery Hobbs
Rocketry Meetings:  Mondays 1635  
Cyber Patriot:  Teams of cadets compete against cyberpatriot teams from across the country to identify flaws, or cybersecurity "vulnerabilities" in computer systems.  Teams must find the flaws while keeping computer functions ("services," such as email) working.   Winning teams that make it through several rounds of competition can be selected to attend the National Finals near Washington, D.C.
Cyberpatriot team officers:   Team Commander--C/2LT Jamie Small  Team NCO--C/SSgt Jeffery Liu
Cyberpatriot Meetings:  Wednesdays 0730 
Academics Bowl:  The academics bowl team consists of 6 Cadets in their Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior years.  They compete with other AFJROTC units through three rounds of testing on general academic knowledge, current events, and ROTC corps knowledge.   The top 16 teams in the nation compete in Washington, D.C.
Academics Bowl Team Officers:  Team commander--C/2Lt Nisha Sayed Team NCO--C/SSgt Anjali Suresh
Academics Bowl Meetings:  Thursday 1635 
Color Guard/Drill Team:  The Color Guard presents our nation's colors at various Westwood functions such as football and basket ball games.  The Drill Team works on precision marching and drills.  They compete against other high school teams.
Color Guard Officers:  Commander--C/Capt Neikole Nelson  Team NCO--c/SSgt Zane Nelson
Color Guard Meetings:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1635
Drill Team Officers: Commander--C/Capt Troy Yanez   Team NCO--C/MSgt Chase Short
Drill Team Meetings: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1635
Major Sandlin is also working toward the creation of Marksmanship, Orienteering, and PT Teams.  More details on these groups will follow as they are available.