In a typical JROTC year there are several events that repeat.  Below you will find a general description of these most common activities.  Please consult the current year's calendar for more specific information regarding dates/times.

Westwood Open House and Student Orientations:  These events are volunteer opportunities for the cadets and they take place right before school starts (orientation) and early in the first marking period (Open House).  Cadets act as guides and assistants, directing parents and students where they need to go in the school.
 9-11 Retreat Ceremony:  This Ceremony takes place directly afterschool on September 11th to honor those lost in that tragedy.  The Cadets meet in uniform at the flagpole, conduct a brief service, and then retire the colors.  All are welcome, including parents if they would like to attend.
Westwood Homecoming Parade/Candlelight Pep Rally:  This event is usually in the evening in the fall.  JROTC cadets march in the parade (usually with a float they create) and attend the rally.  The color guard will present the colors at the rally and the Homecoming football game.
Penny Wars:  Cadet Flights compete against each other by bringing in pennies.  The flight with the most pennies at the end wins.  
Retention Parties:  These are purely social gatherings at a Cadet's home to build friendships among the corps.  Parents are present and it's a fun way for cadets to bond with each other.   Retention parties happen sporadically throughout the year.  
Fall Trip:  This is a fun, multi-day event where the cadets go to see a local Air Force Base and get some leadership training.  They then have a fun day at Fiesta Texas, before coming home.
Tap-In:  The senior cadets in leadership positions are 'tapped in' to the order of the CLEAT.  Metal 'taps' are nailed into their shoes, so that they make a distinctive sound and let the world and their fellow cadets know of their dedication and service. 
Change of Command:  The cadet officer corps changes leadership twice a year, once at the end of the fall semester and once at the end of the spring semester.   This is where your cadet finds out what job they will have in the corps until the next change of command.
Military Ball:  A formal dance celebration for JROTC cadets from all over RRISD. 
Bataan Memorial March:  The Cadets of several JROTC Corps get together to march 14 miles to remember and honor our military servicemen who had to march much farther in horrible conditions during World War II
McNeil Drill Competition:  Local JROTC cadets get together to compete in various activities including academics, drill, etc.
Inter-flight:  The various flights within our Corp compete against each other to be judged the best.  Actual Air Force personnel are our guests and conduct the judging.  Parents encouraged to attend this event.
Spring Trip:  Similar to the Fall Trip, but this time the Cadets go to NAS Kingsville and Port Royal.  Usually several days in May.
AFJROTC Awards Banquet:  Come celebrate the year in the Corps.  Awards are given to Cadets for their excellence in academics, team competitions, etc.
Summer Leadership School:  Underclassman Cadets looking to take on leadership positions in the Corps spend a week in June learning leadership skills at Westwood.
Cadet Staff Leadership School:  Upperclassmen hone their leadership skill in preparation for taking on Corps Command at this week-long camp at Howard Payne University in Brownwood.