The Booster Club supports the cadets by making sure they have everything they need to succeed in JROTC.  This includes providing:
Personnel for events:  Not everything can be done by the cadets alone.  Booster Club members volunteer their time as chaperones for trips, drivers to service events, general staff (doing jobs that require an adult by law) for events like Holiday in the Park, Popcorn Sales, etc.  We decorate for the celebrations like Military Ball and the Awards Banquet as well as help out wherever the TX-861st needs us to.
Food:  A famous military strategist once said:  "an army marches on its stomach" and our Cadets are no different.  The Booster Club brings food to whatever event produces hungry cadets.  We bring pizza to Cyberpatriot, burgers to Interflight, and generally keep our Cadets marching strong.
Scholarships:  Senior Cadets can apply for college scholarships awarded each year by the booster club.
Money and items not covered by the class budget:  As is well known, the budget provided by Westwood for the JROTC program is not as big as it needs to be to give our Cadets the best experience possible.  The Skywarriors Booster Club raises money at various events and then works with Major to purchase needed items for our Cadets.  In the past, we have help purchase ribbon bars, office supplies, cover costs for field trips, and more.  
All this support is only possible with the effort of parents like you.  If you'd like to do more, please come to our monthly booster club meetings or email our Booster Club President.
Everything is appreciated.