At the 2013/14 Awards Banquet many alumni returned to honor Colonel Sanchez' 12 years of service at Westwood and thank him for the difference he made in thier lives and futures.  Westwood's AFJROTC Alumni also offered the following advice to cadets:
You'll get out of the program, what you put into it.
Follow your heart.
Even if you don't go into the military, the lessons you learn are priceless.
Pursue excellence.
You'll make friends that will last a lifetime. 
Do what you love and have fun.
  Learning to overcome challenges is a skill you must learn.
Participation in AFJROTC helps when applying for jobs in the future.
Wear your uniform with pride.
Focus on getting good grades and participate in after-school activities.
Commit to each other and yourself.
Have fun.
AFJROTC was the best thing I did in high school.
Go for it.  

AFJROTC lays down structures you'll need for jobs and later on in life.
Work hard and don't let procrastination keep you from your potential.
It's so much more than a class.

Stay in the program and live what you learn.